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Whether you are stock trading, futures trading, forex trading or day trading - Listen… This is it - the Rosetta Stone that unlocks the mystery of markets…

"Predict EVERY Market Reversal with Infallible Pinpoint Accuracy"

"1586 Exhibits Proves - the Code is FINALLY Cracked!"

"Now, at last, you can beat the market... by predicting it... month after month - in good times or bad - right from the comfort of your own home. And most months, using the amazing 'Timing Secret', you can systematically make whopping 100%, 400%, 600%, 900% profits!"

Do you remember the movie "Back to the Future II" when Biff got his hands on the Gray's Sports Almanac from the future... and then used it to bet with... it changed his destiny... he got filthy stinking rich. That's the power of knowing the future.

If you want to change your destiny like Biff - by knowing future reversal dates, then this is the most important information you will ever find about trading.

Here's why.

The Markets Is Predictable... And Now, You Can Do It Too!

Much like Back to the Future II, there really is a system that tells you in advance when the market will reverse and do it consistently... and accurately. It's as if you somehow got your hands on the future editions of the Wall Street Journal to trade with... it's an unfair edge... and it will change your destiny like it changed Biff's destiny.

Nobody has ever told you about this because...

Nobody Else Knows About It...
You'll Never Learn This Anywhere Else!

Take just a brief look at this chart of the Standard and Poor 500. Was this market predictable?

Timing Secrets Trading System for Stock Forex and Futures Traders

How about the great crash of 1929 or the crash of October 1987 - seems nobody saw that coming either - until after it happened... could that have been predicted?

Did you predict the top of the S&P500 in 2000?

Do you remember when the USDA announced mad cow disease in the USA after the markets closed on December 23, 2003. The next day live cattle prices went limit down - and all those traders who bought the two up days before the big drop couldn't get out and sell their position until it dropped even more - that must have hurt... But the reversal was predictable before the news.

The major bottom of gold was predictable!

Yes. These are all predictable events.

I think I made my point which is...

If You Knew The Future...
You Can Pick Tops and Bottoms of the Market Consistently...
And Profit Wildly!

I know, a few critics are saying you can't pick the tops and bottoms of the market - ignore them, they're complete idiots... for one thing, technical analysis using Fibonacci and Gann Squares have attempted to predict tops and bottoms for decades.

But this is not about Fibonacci or Gann - it will do what Fibonacci and Gann fails to do... predict EVERY reversal. Not some reversals, some of the time... I mean EVERY reversal EVERY time. I mean every major reversal that last years to even the smallest reversals that last just one day.

I'm not going to waste your time with anything you tried... or can find anywhere else... it's

  • not Fibonacci numbers, not Gann fans, not Gann Squares, not Delta Phenomenon, not Elliot wave, not Dow theory, not fractals, not geometric lines, not swing trading, not support or resistance lines, not Japanese candlesticks, not chart patterns and certainly not financial astrology. Although some are useful, and some are useless, its none of those.
  • not a lagging indicator and does not follow the market like MACD, stochastic, directional movement index, oscillators, algorithms and the bunch, not even any of the 101 lagging indicators listed on Stock and Commodities Magazine's website.
  • not anything you would find at any world famous guru's website.
  • not an illegal scheme. Although consistently picking tops and bottoms may seem suspicious by government regulators, there's nothing illegal about it... your profits can never be confiscated.

And get this...

You Too Can Predict the Future Pivot Dates

I know its hard to believe - but please - listen for just a moment. This might be a little long but I assure you this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever find about trading, plus how else can I explain what nobody has been able to achieve until now... "Crack the Code" of the markets.

I've been trading the stock and futures markets for a long time now - read all the books on the markets I could get my hands on. I bought all the latest technical analysis software, gone to the seminars, watched the news, subscribed to the financial papers, spent $20,000 easily... and I still ended up scratching my head and disappointed with the results even with "guru" advice.

But little did I know...

I Was About to Throw Everything I Thought I Knew About Trading Right Out the Window and Re-Invent My Trading

I met Zaitek who claimed to know when the markets will turn and then he gave me specific dates for the next month... I was very skeptical at first, the Fibonacci, Gann and Delta methods did not predict these dates, but as I watched those dates come and go...

I Was Stunned and Amazed!

Each and every date he has given me turned out to be... right on the money. Not even plus or minus 2, 3 or 4 days like other methods - this was on the nose. His pivot dates was...

100% Accurate!

I just had to know his secret.

As he walked me though the S&P 500 charts for the past 30 years and showed me what to look for at each pivot, it struck me it was "The Rosetta Stone" I was looking at -- "the thing" that unlocks the mystery of the markets I've been looking for. All the crazy zigzags in the market suddenly made perfect sense.

And now that I know his Timing Secrets... instead of following the market, I too can predict when it will turn in the future. If you're like me...

You'll be Dancing in the Streets!

Because now, you too have the chance to learn for yourself his secrets because Zaitek has finally released his research in a book "Timing Secrets".

Trading is radically different - it's much like having tomorrow's Wall Street Journal... knowing in advance when the market will reverse.

I was thrilled when he asked me to write about the book... because I am convinced he has discovered...

The Rosetta Stone - The Secret of All Market Reversals And Given Me...
The Keys To The Vault!

That's a bold statement - I know. So let me tell you why I believe its absolutely true!

First, did you know that the Rosetta Stone was found in 1799 and had inscribed in three different languages - hieroglyphics, demotic characters, and Greek. After 14 years of studying the Rosetta Stone, the hieroglyphics was finally deciphered by a scholar who understood the demotic characters and Greek languages and used those two different languages to decipher the third language of hieroglyphics. So, after 1500 years, ancient Egyptian writing could finally be understood.

And in much the same way, that's what Zaitek's Timing Secrets™ does - it uses a second language to decipher the "hieroglyphic language" of the markets. The result - he's discovered...

A System That Predicts EVERY Market Turn With Pinpoint Accuracy

Take for instance, frozen orange juice futures... prices peaked in 2002 - after dropping nearly two years, the system predicted the precise date orange juice would bottom on May 21, 2004.

What happened?

Precisely what the system predicted - frozen orange juice bottomed exactly on May 21 2004. If you instructed your broker to buy just one orange juice futures contract (a $910 initial margin) - and sold at the recent high of 185, you'd be $19,500.00 richer - a 2,142% profit.

Another great example is on July 6, 2004. The system identified weeks in advance Cocoa would reverse on that day and move higher. Now, take a look at this Cocoa chart for that time period and see what happened. Each Cocoa contract would have meant a profit of over $400 in just a month - a better than 40% gain.

Timing Secrets Trading System for Stock Forex and Futures Traders

Do you trade foreign currencies? Forex or currency futures, doesn't matter... The system identified the major reversal in December 2004. What happened?

Like a Swiss clock, the US Dollar, the Euro, the Canadian Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, made its major reversal precisely when it was predicted.

The system also called the major top of the S&P 500 in 2000, the major bottom of gold back in 2001 when it was still $260 an ounce. And it doesn't seem to matter whether its stocks, index funds, futures, forex, ETF, it works the just the same in any market.

The hit list goes on and on. I could go on for another ten pages but you get the idea. The Timing Secrets™ system has zero room for error. The timing is exact. You won't find any plus or minus error rate in this system. And it works on any market around the world.

But that's not all...

The Proof is Comprehensive and Compelling

I know you're skeptical. What I'm saying is probably contrary to everything you've heard.

So he went overboard and proven it to you 1586 times, by examining every reversal of the Standard & Poor 500 Index over 36 years. Not a single reversal is skipped over. He doesn't get selective and show just what he wants to and avoid any reversals - but he takes on every minor and major reversal from 1970 to 2006. Go ahead, I challenge you to look at the charts for those years and count the number of reversals yourself.

Now, go back and absorb that. Think about it... long and hard.

NOBODY has ever achieved that... not Fibonacci, not even the legendary W.D. Gann... NOBODY!

That's why I said he CRACKED THE CODE!

I've already gone back to charts as far back as 1850... over 155 years ago to verify the system... and it passed the test of time.

And that my friend, is why I am so excited about Timing Secrets™ and why I don't just believe this can put serious dollars in your account... I know it will.

The proof does not stop with the S&P500, you'll get in-depth analysis of the most active futures contracts, plus FOREX markets too.

Currencies Monthly Charts Daily Charts
Australian Dollar (AD)
1985-2003 1985-2015
British Pound (BP)
1976-2005 1974-2015
Canadian Dollar (CD)
1976-2003 1974-2015
Euro (EC)
1998-2003 1999-2015
Japanese Yen (JY)
1977-2003 1974-2015
Swiss Franc (SF)
1975-2003 1974-2015
US Dollar (DX)
1986-2003 1985-2015
Crude Oil (CL)
1983-2003 1983-2015
1985-2003 1984-2015
Heating Oil (HO)
1985-2003 1978-2015
Natural Gas (NG)
1990-2003 1990-2015
10 -year T-Note (TY) 1982-2005 1982-2015
30-year Bonds (US) 1978-2003 1977-2015
Fed Funds 30 Day (FF)
Corn (C) 1973-2003 1970-2015
Soybeans (S)
1973-2003 1970-2015
Soybean Meal (SM)
1973-2003 1970-2015
Soybean Oil (BO)
1973-2003 2000-2015
Oats (O)
1974-2003 2000-2015
Rough Rice
1987-2003 2000-2015
Wheat (W)
1973-2003 1970-2015
FTSE 2009-2015
Nikkei 225 (NK) 1986-2003 1993-2015
S&P 500 (SPX) 1970-2005 1970-2015
Live Cattle (LC) 1976-2003 1970-2015
Feeder Cattle (FC)
1976-2003 1972-2015
Lean Hogs (LH)
1974-2003 2000-2015
Copper (HG)
1989-2003 1970-2015
Gold (GC)
1975-2003 1975-2015
Palladium (PA) 1986-2003 2000-2015
Platinum (PL)
1986-2003 2000-2015
Silver (SI)
1974-2003 1970-2015
Cocoa (CC)
1980-2003 1970-2015
Coffee (KC) 1974-2003 1990-2015
Cotton (CT) 1974-2003 1983-2015
Lumber (LB) 1974-2003 1999-2015
Orange Juice (OJ) 1974-2003 1970-2015
Sugar (SB) 1974-2003 2000-2015

You will find Timing Secrets™ can be applied to individual stocks in markets around the world.

In fact, once you get your hands on this information and see all the extensive evidence for yourself...

You Won't Be Able To Sleep!
You Will Lay In Bed Thinking About All the Money You're Going to Make

Be prepared for two or three days of no sleep. I'd go to bed and get right back up again to look at more charts... then go back to bed and think of the impact it would make... then go back and look at even more charts... it will be and endless cycle until complete exhaustion finally sets in and you collapse.

Here's what the book reveals...

  • How to predict the market - days, weeks and months in advance. Just imagine what kind of profits this would generate for you... if you knew this one amazing secret - How to predict every minor and major reversal.
    • Its the one core truth about the market you must understand... if... you want to make consistent, profitable trades every day the market is open! (In this one truth, Zaitek reveals the ONLY reliable factor that can move a stock's price... PERIOD! Once you know and focus on this factor, you can clear your mind of all the minutia laid on you by the Wall Street crowd... and... finally make some super-profitable trades!)
    • Why you never need to do even one minute of conventional research on a company before you buy their stock! (With Zaitek's system, none of that garbage matters... and... you only need to know one thing about a company before buying and selling their stock for a massive profit. In the book, Zaitek reveals all you need to know!)
    • Why the News Does Not Drive the Markets? - You don't need to watch CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg - not even subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, IBD, The Financial Times or any magazines. (Although entertaining, with Zaitek's book, none of that garbage will matter anymore either... no conventional research, no need to monitor the news... think of all the time I'm saving you.)
  • It works with any investment - stocks, index funds, ETFs, forex, commodity futures like gold, pork bellies, live cattle... it doesn't matter.
  • How to adapt it to work on any foreign market. So, it doesn't matter if you trade on the New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, or the exchange in Tokyo.
  • Which market really leads? Does the USA stock market act as a leading indicator to the European or Asian market? Or is it the other way around? You really can use this analysis to cheat your way into profits.
  • Why it's dead wrong for daytraders to use the 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute bar chart? Learn what unusual settings to use instead... and how he invented these new chart settings. Look at the examples, try it for yourself and you'll agree this one system alone is worthy of a book all of its own! Sharpen your precision and make a bundle. You'll find this in the systems chapter.
  • Why financial astrology is utterly useless? Say goodbye to Cleo or your favorite astrologist. Do a simple exercise and prove to yourself astrology is pure rubbish.
  • When to anticipate major market reversals? When big trends that last years begin and end. It happened in 1999 when gold was at the very bottom. It's when you can use a pyramiding strategy and parlay your profits... when an investor buys one futures contract at the very bottom, and with the profits buys another, then with the profits on two contracts, buys yet another futures contract and so on... turning thousands into hundred thousands and into millions. This is the one most traders only dream of catching at just the right moment... yet without this knowledge most traders never realize that a major reversal date is in the making.
  • When the markets will get volatile? Nothing beats a good option play to scoop up whopping 200%, 500%, 900% and more profits.
  • Why stocks in different industries will pivot on different dates - why one futures contract will pivot on different dates from other futures contracts. This confusion will finally make sense.
  • How to setup the software to start picking tops and bottoms. You don't need to buy expensive software. Zaitek has software that runs under Windows included with the book. It's the same software used to explain the 1586 reversal dates of the S&P 500.
  • The exact percentage of people who lose in trading. The numbers from Harvard School are shocking! Yet most traders still use lagging indicators and systems that simply never will work.
  • You'll have confidence over the markets -
    • Trade without a stop loss! Although never recommended by every pro... but after you see the evidence, you'll begin to trade with total confidence. The signals are so accurate that if you still want to trade with a stop loss, it can be placed as tight as 1-tick.
    • Once you know his secret and the deeper understanding of the market it brings, there will be an unusual calm and confidence that takes over when you place your trade.
    • Peace of mind! You'll know in advance exactly when the next possible reversal date will be - and you will know if its safe to hold positions overnight. Gone are the days when you are too nervous that you resort to daytrading.
    • Avoid losing! You won't make the critical mistake of entering the market on the wrong date and suffer losses. It is precisely accurate... to the exact date. You don't need an art degree or clever imagination to make it fit.
    • Made as easy as possible to understand. You don't need a genius I.Q. or have special skills or a college degree to make it work. All the hard work is done for you. It is made as easy as possible to understand. If you have a computer with a CD drive, running Windows, and have internet access, you can do it - there's many examples to show you what to do.
  • It will however be like learning a second language. So you should expect to devote the next 30 days to learn the materials. Like learning a second language, don't expect to be fluent speaking on the first day. Once you've mastered it, it takes less than five minutes to know when the next reversal date will be.
  • And much, much more.

That's just a few reasons why I think Zaitek's Timing Secrets™ is the greatest discovery to hit the markets -- ever. No wonder this system has become the cherished secret of a loyal circle of traders.

These folks are not different from you... they simply put their doubts aside and gave Timing Secrets™ a try and were handsomely rewarded.

Now, what I mean by "handsomely rewarded" is when you use put and call options along with the precise timing...

Get Ready to Make Obscene 600% Profit in 2 Days... 900% Profit In 4 Days!

Take for instance April 12, 2005. That day was wild... the S&P 500 made a reversal during the day and ended strongly up. But the Timing Secrets™ system said April 12, 2005 was a pivot date... that it would reverse the next day... not continue up.

Even the most experienced trader would have looked at the old-fashioned lagging indicators... looked at the mid-day reversal and be fooled into buying. But I wasn't fooled by the usual technical analysis... instead I went shopping for a slightly out of the money put option and entered my trade right at the close on April 12.

What happened next?

Exactly what it was supposed to do.... the S&P 500 reversed and moved down sharply... dropping like a rock. At the end of just two days, the put option increased an incredible 600%. By the time the next Timing Secrets™ signal came in, the put option handed over a whopping 900% profit!

A $10,000 investment would have made you $60,000 in just 2 days... a $90,000 profit in 4 days.

It's NOT surprising!

Weeks in advance... This play came in a newsletter from Zaitek... alerting Timing Secrets™ customers that April 13 was not just going to reverse but would drop sharply... and it was perfect for a put option play.

Now I can't say how much wealth you'll actually accumulate by following a proven investment system over the long term. But the evidence shows you're likely be far better off than the average investor - and could quite possibly achieve a fortune worth many millions of dollars.

And that's the reason Timing Secrets™ is being made available to you. We want to help you achieve the highest returns possible every year for as long as you invest. And to help you achieve that goal, you'll receive the Rosetta Stone used to find the reversal dates that will generate profits for many years to come.

Plus you get it all for a fraction of the profit on just this one S&P500 play!

Before I tell you how much, let me tell you about the additional benefits and privileges you'll receive...

All to Help You Achieve the Maximum Wealth Possible

To help you create the maximum possible wealth for your entire life, you will be receiving...

  • BONUS #1: You'll get the software that makes everything a cinch to find the next pivot dates... its indispensable in timing the markets. It's the same software used to explain the 1586 reversal dates of the S&P 500 and it runs under Windows.
  • BONUS #2: The Day-Trading module proving the amazing accuracy of plus or minus 1 minute covering 20 days of the Standard & Poor 500 Index.
  • BONUS #3: The Best Days to Daytrade! Know in advance, when the market will consolidate... move sideways.
  • BONUS #4: The Double Wheel Fractal is for daytraders and daily traders to perfectly time the market. This too was discovered by Zaitek and not available anywhere else. You will not find or be able to use the Double Wheel Fractal unless you know his secret charts settings.
  • BONUS #5: The Zaitek Parade, The 20-20 Vision and The Crossover will pinpoint future reversal dates.
  • BONUS #6: Market Forecast Charts Until the Year 2022. These are printable in color ready for your wall or desktop
  • BONUS #7: The 10 Worst Stock Market Crashes examines lessons from major reversals and what to look for in the future.
  • BONUS #8: Need Support? Even though Timing Secretsis filled with secrets and proof after proof, equivalent of a book 1500 pages thick, there's a small chance you might get lost. But don't worry. You will be given a username to access support by e-mail. As a Timing Secrets™ student, you'll have full exclusive access to this service. If you're stuck and have a question about the program, missed a reversal date, you can email support anytime. There's no charge for help, support, and encouragement.
  • And remember, these are extra benefits.

    Because the real value will be best measured in another way... by the 7 figure, even 8-figure fortune you could achieve by following a proven investment system over the long term.

    And, most importantly, you'll get the advantage of trading like Biff of Back to The Future II with the future results in your hands every year for as long as you invest in the markets.

    You'll get proven, system-based signals predicting the market reversals consistently, year after year that can turn a modest portfolio into a multi-million dollar fortune over the course of your lifetime...

    It's Time to Get Financially Set for Life

    Timing SecretsNow, you should understand a trading system this powerful... this exclusive -- and one that took 15 years of research to discover and test -- does not come cheap, not by any means. Timing Secrets™ is being made available to a limited number of private investors at a special private investor rate of $4,997 covering the S&P500 from 1970 to 2006. When you claim your course today, read it, study it, and see it proven over 1586 times.

    Now, if this seems like too much money, then there's a good chance this is not for you. This is probably not for you if you're coming in under a lot of stress and money worries either. And I'm sure you can come up with a hundred other excuses, and I apologize for taking up your time.

    But the fact is, this is not meant for everyone - just serious traders with the capital to make the trades and who understand the benefits of belonging to such an elite group that can predict the market. Trading does take commitment... extraordinary success in any field takes extraordinary commitment.

    When you set out to learn a second language, you won't be able to speak fluently in the first day... so watch it unfold in real-time... absorb the course in sections, and by the time you get to the end you'll be picking tops and bottoms consistently like we do.

    To qualify for the private investor rate...

    • You are not licensed or registered with any state, federal, or international securities agency or self-regulatory body.
    • You are not engaged (employed or registered) as an Investment Advisor.
    • You are not employed by an organization which is exempt from U.S. securities laws that would otherwise require the individuals' registration.
    • You are not employed by an organization which is exempt from U.S. securities laws that would otherwise require the individuals' registration.
    • You will use Timing Secrets™ for your personal use and for no commercial or other reason.
    • You must agree to all the terms of the Non-Disclosure Licensing Agreement... Read it carefully. You must also agree not to disclose the any part of Timing Secrets™ to anyone... not to any internet forum, newsgroup etc... all of those can be traced... plus all the images has watermark tracking and it will be foolish to lose your edge in the market and be the subject of a lawsuit.
    • You must be an experienced trader... this is like a doctorate course of market timing... not a beginner's course. You should already have an account, know how to place your trade, what you should do with the signals, money management, use of stops or any other beginner's concerns.

    There are 3 ways to get it:

    1. By credit card
    2. By check
    3. By bank wire transfer

    And don't worry about these strategies not delivering results for you because Zaitek will do something rather unusual...

    Guarantee The Future Results

    I've done what I can to explain the dead-on accuracy of Zaitek's Timing Secrets™. But I know it may be hard to believe until you see it for yourself... that this is the Rosetta Stone... that he did in fact Crack the Code. So, Zaitek is offering you this truly risk-free test...

    100% Guarantee of Future Real-Time Results

    Put Timing Secretsto the real-time test for a full six months. Watch it unfold in real time before your own eyes.

    If you find any reversal, in the daily chart of the Standard & Poor 500 Index in the next six months which is not covered by the secret revealed in Timing Secrets - then return it for a full refund of every penny you paid.

    Why would Zaitek make such an unusual guarantee?

    Because... it works!

    Think about it... No other system would dare to offer a guarantee this serious or they would have to refund everything they sold and close their doors.

    Zaitek is not worried about dishing out any refunds, because that's how powerful it has worked at every reversal for the past 36 years, that there is no possibility it will change at anytime in the future... not for the next 6-months... not for the next decade.

    So, don't get this expecting a refund... expect to profit from it.

    I can't guarantee that your Acceptance Certificate will be accepted. A few applications are rejected. Maximum capacity at the private investor rate could be reached very soon.

    If you don't join now, I can't promise you'll get a second chance. The limits on private investors stand firm.

    Guarantee your book by filling out the enclosed Acceptance Certificate and send it back with your payment. The moment we get your response, you'll be immediately registered to receive your serial numbered book. But if you are too late, then your payment will be promptly returned to you.

    I wouldn't want to you to miss out on the compounding profits you'll realize. In just one trade - such as the S&P 500 put option play I mentioned earlier, you could easily recoup your investment. Over the long term, your investment in Timing Secrets™ could pay for itself thousands of times over - with compounding effect.

    Timing Secrets™, in other words, will help you to pick tops and bottoms of the market consistently, and for the rest of your life. And that could lead you to some very serious wealth.

    Using futures and options, this is a system that could at least double your money every three months At those rates, your first million soon becomes two million... then four million... eight million... sixteen million and onwards for as long as you invest.

    And that's the whole point of Timing Secrets™. We'd like you to join us as we pursue this kind of exceptional wealth.

    I wish you lifelong success and prosperity. And I hope I may soon have the pleasure of welcoming you as a Timing Secrets™ member.

    PS. Remember: Nobody else has "Cracked the Code". The future results is guaranteed... you will find every pivot of the Standard & Poor 500 Index.

    PPS. The greatest risk is not taking it. If you continue to trade the same way, you're going to get the same results. Timing Secrets™ is a predictive market timing system... like having tomorrow's Wall Street Journal to trade with.

    And don't forget - This is tax deductible as a business expense because it is training material.

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